The Worlds of Alina Lee

If you’re reading this, you might be curious about any possible shared worlds between my short stories. Or you’re looking at the hashtags and wondering what the non-standard ones like Arakan and The Emerald Isle mean.

Well, here are quick explanations for the major worlds that have stories on the blog or ones that I have plans of showcasing in a story here. This page will be updated in the future if I decide to add more.

Arakan is a weird fantasy setting that is defined mainly by two sources of magical phenomena. The first is that the water can transmute itself into almost anyone or anything, as well as having unpredictable magical effects. The other is Liesmithing, which is the magic of lying to the universe in a matter that is believable, making the lie real. Stories from this world tend to vary in nature.

Izumo is a low fantasy, almost sword & sorcery, setting with inspiration drawn from Japanese history. Particular focus is on the Sengoku Jidai, but there’s bits of the Heian and Edo periods there, too. Like Rax, the timeline isn’t static and there’s historical movements going on in the background, with the biggest ones warranting mention. However, the Izumo timeline is much shorter. The stories all have a lesbian relationship theme, and they’re all compiled in Paper Crane Memories.

Rax is the world where my first four books are set. It’s a fantasy world that takes a lot of inspirations from science and real world history. It also avoids medieval stasis, as the timeline progresses and it eventually becomes something similar to science fantasy, merging advanced technology with mystical rituals. The types of stories vary, though they tend to focus on dealing with the supernatural elements of the world and are small in scale.

Relationships is not a world, but rather an umbrella hashtag I use to group together the short stories that rely on romantic relationships as an anchor. Unless there’s a separate tag to indicate the genre, they’re intended to be set in a facsimile of our world. The stories all focus on a romantic pairing, but at different points in that relationship.

Sketches, like the above, is not meant to portray a specific world. Rather, it is an umbrella hashtag meant to cover short stories that focus on a specific person at a specific moment in their life. As above, they are meant to inhabit this world, and could easily portray be someone you never met.

Terran Space is a science fiction setting set in the aftermath of the downfall of the Terran Union, which once held the galaxy under its control. Now that it’s fallen, the rebels have fragmented and taken chunks of the galaxy for themselves as they jockey for position and power. The Union wasn’t the best of governments, but the new “successor states” are no better. The stories focus mainly on former Union personnel and how they deal with their new circumstances.

The Emerald Isle is a high fantasy world with low fantasy influences inspired by medieval England. It is divided into three kingdoms, with a fourth being the domain of a mythical species called the fae. These fae are entities made of story, and the most powerful among them (the Archfae) are beings of great narrative magic. The stories tend to focus on people interacting with the narrative-driven existence and goals of the Archfae.

The Neon Garden is a hybrid of cyberpunk and wuxia, where megacorporations and their owners have become the new feudal lords of a society stratified by wealth, privilege, and social media clout. But there is an open secret society of martial artists called the xia that defy this authority, relying on incredible fighting skills and impossible physical feats. The stories for this world tend towards having action set pieces and characters motivated by some virtue or duty.

Xabri Academy is a high fantasy world that revolves around the titular academy, an institution of higher education that caters to the elite and is administered by dragons. There are a wide range of cultures and types of people that end up in Xabri Academy, which has become a hotbed of political, economic, and even criminal intrigue. The stories are focused on the students and the occasional graduates, their schemes, lives, and achievements.